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Proverbs for parents

A few years ago I sat down and read through the Bible book of Proverbs with the intention of finding every proverb and wisdom "nugget" that was in there for parents.

Admittedly it was hard to qualify every proverb as being exclusively for parents, but making my best attempt, I counted SIXTY-TWO different "chunks" of wisdom for parents to pass on to their children!

Actually, that was probably the genesis of First Half Parenting. Reading through Proverbs helped me identify a handful of non-negotiables in our parenting philosophy... and you can see them reflected in the six "Baby Steps" for First Half Parents.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned as I read through Proverbs was that great parenting does not happen by accident! It is the result of a handful of ideas that are explained, modeled, taught, and, enforced.

Dad, Mom, what are the handful of ideas that shape your parenting philosophy?

As I read through Proverbs, I concluded that

Great parents are intentional about being great parents!

They ask questions, read books, look for examples, try new things, and apologize to their children when they mess up.

So, what are the ideas and practices about which you are intentional?

Here are a few of Solomon's favorite ideas:

The list could go on for a while... but I'll spare you that. But I won't spare you another question...

If someone asked you for advice on how to be a great parent, what would you say?

The answer to that question is critical for First Half Parents! Know your game! Know what's important to you and be super intentional about teaching, modeling, and enforcing those ideas!

If you can't answer that question, may I suggest a few resources?

OK, that's it for now... but remember... YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!

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