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Hi there!


My name is Paul… and I’m “dad” to six girls! Of course, this journey is made possible with the help of the the lovely, and talented Mrs. Peterson! We have been married for 26 years, and we have SIX awesome daughters… all ours… all on purpose! (In case you’re wondering… yes, we’re done now).

We spend a lot of time talking about parenting, reading books, talking with parents who have already made this journey, and learning through other channels too.

We have learned some things that are helpful for the “first half” of the parenting journey, and that’s why we began “First Half Parenting.”


You might be wondering, “What is ‘first half parenting'”?

We believe there are two halves to the parenting journey.

The “first half” starts at birth and begins to conclude once the children enter middle school (around 10 years old). After that comes the “second half”… and that’s a whole different thing.

We have enjoyed, and are enjoying the “first half” of the parenting journey, so it makes us sad when we see parents who are overwhelmed, confused, angry, frustrated, and exhausted in the first half! We believe it can be different! We believe you can enjoy the first half, and like your kids during the process!


First Half Parenting is committed to encouraging you, inspiring you, and giving you resources that will help you enjoy and thrive in the “first half.”

If you have questions, or would like for us to speak at your organization, please contact us!

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