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Podcast (NEW)

Advice and encouragement you can catch on the way to work or while coming back from dropping the kids off at school!

New content on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month. 


We share stories, pictures, and ideas on the blog that will encourage and help you become a great FHP!

First Half Parents are always learning!

We have compiled a list of our favorite books for FHP's who are determined to get better!!! 

E-books! (FREE)

We have discovered SIX "baby steps" to becoming a great

First Half Parent.

We are publishing them one by one as e-books! 

Click it to download it:

1. Baby Step #1 - Take     

   Care of Yourself.

2. Baby Step #2 - Create a

   GREAT Environment.

3. Baby Step #3 - Be THE


4. Baby Step #4 - Get a

   Ph.D. in Your Child.

5. Baby Step #5 - Do     

   Discipline That   

   Works. NEW

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