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First Half Parents are always learning!

We have compiled a list of our favorite books for FHP's who are determined to get better!!! 


We share stories, pictures, and ideas on the blog that will encourage and help you become a great FHP!

E-books! (FREE)

We have discovered SIX "baby steps" to becoming a great

First Half Parent.

We are publishing them one by one as e-books! 

Click it to download it:

1. Baby Step #1 - Take     

   Care of Yourself.

2. Baby Step #2 - Create a

   GREAT Environment.

3. Baby Step #3 - Be THE


4. Baby Step #4 - Get a

   Ph.D. in Your Child.

5. Baby Step #5 - Do     

   Discipline That   

   Works. NEW

Resources for you!

(Click the icons for the resources)

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