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Six "Baby Steps" to becoming a GREAT First Half Parent

Updated: May 22, 2018

We are HUGE fans of Dave Ramsey. In fact tonight, after a few months of discussion, we downloaded his "Every Dollar" app and made that our primary budgeting tool (goodbye Excel).

But that's a story for another day...

The reason I mention the Great Ramsey is because he first introduced us to the idea of "baby steps."

Baby steps are the tiny steps you take before you learn to confidently walk. That's what we want for our toddlers... to take those baby steps and finally learn to walk on their own!

That's what we want for you too! We want you to learn some simple steps that will help you enjoy and navigate the first half of the parenting experience so you can make it to the second half WITHOUT KILLING YOUR KIDS!

After 15 years of parenting... six really different personalities... lots of mistakes, some great decisions, tons of books, long conversations with mentors, and hours of reflection, Sherri and I have discovered six "baby steps" for effective first-half parenting.

Here they are:

  1. Take care of yourself (I wrote an e-book on this that you can have for free)

  2. Create a great environment (Get your e-book here! It's also free!)

  3. Become THE teacher

  4. Get a Ph.D. in your child

  5. Learn how to discipline (we posted four of the six best practices over on our Instagram page).

  6. Call Mulligans.

As we kick off this venture together, we can't wait to share these lessons with you... and we hope you will share them with others! (one easy way to do that is to interact with FHP on social media).

We believe we can create a generation of parents that know what to do and actually enjoy the parenting process!

We're looking forward to Friday when we release our next e-book for you! Until then...

You've got this!

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